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An opportunity for all coaches

A unique programme for people wanting to coach and existing coaches wanting to develop

This programme, which has been awarded an Accredited Certificate of Coach Training (ACCT) by the Association for Coaching has been designed for all coaches who want to develop their skills and experience wherever they are on the own coach development journey.

your skills and capabilities as a coach
• your capacity to deal with more complex coaching scenarios
• your ability to put your whole presence into the coaching relationship
• your desire to grow every aspect of your coaching practice

Coaches and clients are facing accelerating demands of uncertainty, complexity and responsibility – with challenges in ethics, roles, transactions, geography, policy, business and organisation, and sustainability. How do we expand and deepen our perception, understanding, capability, resilience and resourcefulness – for coach and client?

This is a focus in our search of Mastery and Wisdom of Executive Coaching.

Following the success of completing this years programme, we are delighted to announce the next programme will begin in February 2017. This programme will be four modules of three days over a twelve month period.

Join us in this outstanding programme to engage and grow in:

  • interactive conversation to discovery and making sense complexity
  • coaching practice and sharing experience
  • breakthrough to higher capability and potential
  • personal mastery
  • individual and collective wisdomALCHEMY-COACHING-PROGRAMME3
  • relationship within a developing community of practice
  • delivering successsful business development activity

The programme delivers transformative outcomes, drawing on passion, experience, values, difference, collaboration and understanding, to co-create with participants an outstanding learning experience.

The fee for this 12 month non residential programme is £4000.

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